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The team at RBS Contract Services Ltd includes expert heating engineers who serve clients in Northampton and London. Call now for more information.


We can take care of your heating requirements

From installing a new boiler to keeping your current heating system working effectively, the heating engineers at RBS Contract Services Ltd are able to offer the services you need. With two decades of industry experience, we are able to handle any heating job that you may have. Thanks to our efficiency and expertise, we can work quickly and effectively, keeping labour costs to a minimum. If you’d like to tell us your requirements, please contact the team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your options and let you know what we can do for you.

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We are experts in all aspects of heating services

Heating system design, installation, maintenance, repair – we can do it all. The team at RBS Contract Services Ltd are highly experienced and qualified, and we can take care of any job you need when it comes to heating systems. We work with both commercial and domestic clients, and can tackle any job, no matter the size. We strongly recommend regular maintenance of your heating system to avoid costly breakdowns and ensure it works properly when you need it.


Ensure your rental property’s gas system is safe

As you’ll know, every landlord has a responsibility to ensure that the gas system in their rental property is safe and fit for purpose, and this requires a gas safety certificate. We can undertake the inspection, carry out any work that may be required, and issue your landlord gas safety certificate, helping you to ensure that you have met your legal obligation.

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Over time, you may notice that your heating system becomes less efficient. This can be down to a build up of sediment, limescale and other debris. Power flushing sends a high-pressure jet of water through your heating system, dislodging and removing the accumulated build-up, allowing the system to work as it should again. We offer an effective power flushing service that will have your heating system working properly again in no time.

Improve the efficiency of your heating system

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If you’d like to find out more about our heating services, contact the expert heating engineers at RBS Contract Services Ltd today. We serve London and Northampton.

07708 748053

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